Saturday, June 5, 2010

How many GroVia cloth diapers will you need?

A frequent cloth diapering question that I get asked is, 'How many GroVia cloth diapers will I need?

What I always tell people in person, regardless of the diapering brand they are considering, is that you can start with as little as 3 diapers when you begin cloth diapering, but if you have enough to do a full load of laundry (6 - 12 shell sets) that will make things easier. Otherwise, you have to do small diaper loads, resulting in more water and energy usage.

Here are the specifics for GroVia, formally knows as Gro Baby:

If you start off with one GroVia Shell Set, you will have 1 one-sized waterproof outer shell/cover that grows with your baby from 8 - 35lbs and 1 soaker pad. (The old Gro Baby system from The Natural Baby Company also came with a booster for extra absorbancy but the new GroVia system doesn't offer this as part of the set anymore.) When your baby's soaker pad is wet, simply remove from the shell and replace with a clean, dry soaker pad. The outer shell can be used for a few changes. GroVia says that most people find having 2 - 4 shells per day is good, but recommend having 12 minimum as adding more shells to your baby's cloth diaper rotation to increase their overall wear and tear/longevity!

The new GroVia Shell Sets sell for $29.35 in Canada and a 2 pack of GroVia boosters is $19.95. One Shell Set and 2-Pack of Soaker pads would cost $43.30 and would be the equivalent of 3 diapers at $16.43 each. Don't forget that this system grows with your baby so you get to keep using the shells and inserts as your baby goes from diaper size small to medium and large. 4 Shell Sets and 4 2-pack Soaker pads would cost you $173.20 and would last you 12 diaper changes. 12 diaper changes is what a newborn would go through on average in one day and then that number tapers down as your baby gets older.

If you go with a Live GroVia Cloth Diaper Package, you can drop your 'cost per diaper' down to only $12.25 plus you get 4 organic boosters that can help out for naps, overnight, or car rides. The Live GroVia package is your best value and includes 12 shells, 24 soaker pads, and 4 boosters. I estimate that this diapering package would pay for itself within 4 - 5 months versus buying disposable diapers at approximate $0.30/diaper. Not to mention the benefits of cloth diaper for your baby or the planet outside of costs.

Are you using GroVia or Gro Baby already for your baby? If so, what are your thoughts on their diapering system. How did GroVia and Gro Baby fit your newborn? How many GroVia or Gro Baby diapers do you have in your baby's rotation and which colour or pattern is your favourite?