Friday, September 4, 2009 - Coming Soon!

We all know that dads don't necessarily have the same views on diapers that moms do. When I was first looking into cloth diapering my baby-to-be, back in 2003, I'm sure my forays onto the internet in search of endless diaper info and brand searches and how-tos was completely lost on my spouse. Sure he would listen and nod as I tried to explain how cloth diapering would work for our baby and I'm sure he expressed some sticker shock over the price tag for just one diaper, but I know for a fact that he just didn't care as much as I did.

After our baby arrived, and many months went by, I finally placed our first diaper order. A few weeks and probably $80 later, 3 pocket diapers arrived in the mail. I'm sure the conversation went something like this.

Crazed diaper mom: LOOK how cute these are!!!
Not-so-crazed diaper dad: Ah hmm.
Crazed diaper mom: No really! Pink Hawaiian print. SOOOOO cute. Awwww. Do you like them?
Not-so-crazed diaper dad: Those are for *$%*'ing in, right?

At that point, I would have already been excitedly putting the diaper on our baby and he would have walked away.

Fast-forward a few months. People would come over and would notice that we used cloth diapers. The brightly coloured diapers happened to be sitting on a shelf in our living room. WHY did I keep diapers in our living room? It seemed to make sense at the time. Anyhow, people would ask the usual questions and I found my spouse starting to respond to the questions from side of Team Cloth. And at the time, we didn't know a single person who cloth diapered.

Him: 'Yeah, they really aren't that bad. I don't really change any diapers, (lie) but they aren't that bad.'

From then on, he was a cloth diaper convert. It really didn't take much. Little did he know I would eventually fill our entire living room, dining room, and even spare kitchen cupboards with cloth diapers for sale. It kind of took over.

Not every dad shows the same lack of care. At our cloth diapering workshops, we get many fathers-to-be who have done the same type of groundwork that us moms all do. The late night searches onto site after site that leave you wondering how on earth cloth diapers work and how much it is going to cost. They are on the same playing field as us moms.

However, for those fathers-to-be who show the same interest level as my spouse did, resources are on the way. is going to be a site where he will answer questions from other dads straight-up. No fluff. This site will also cater to Dad tastes with Dad approved diapers and accessories, and Dad-catered explainations of how each product works and why it's a good thing. I'm sure the site will also carry mostly diapers that are solid black, Ed Hardy design, pirate print, or something more sinister.

Guess how much enthusiasm he had when I told him I registed the domain for him and he could get to work on it? About the same enthusiasm level as he did over our first diaper order. At any rate, I'm exited about it.