Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thirsties All-In-One Diaper Clearance

I'm kind of sad to announce that we are clearing out our Thirsties All-In-One diapers after getting the go ahead from Thirsties.

This All-In-One or AIO diaper is sized and you have to buy new diapers in each size as your baby grows, versus using one size diapers, but they are nice and trim and SO EASY to use. This was one of the brands that I was quick to grab out of the dryer as we were heading out the door because it didn't require any extra stuffing and was a great fit on my daughter. If we needed extra absorbency then I would add an extra insert.

One trick, for anyone using Thirsties AIOs... you can dry the diaper inside-out to decrease drying time. AIOs as a rule take longer to dry than pockets and inserts or fitteds and covers, but Thirsties AIOs inside out dry pretty quickly.

We have less than 20 in-stock and marked down from $20.50 at one point to $15.75. The majority are XSmall and then we have a few in each size. For anyone using One-Size diapers, this would be a great time to stock up on some trim AIOs for the newborn stage for going out or for trim outfits as One-Size diapers will still be a bit bulky during this stage. I almost forgot to mention that these diapers have 2 leg gussets to minimize leaks.

Link - Thirsties All-In-One Sale


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Which detergent is best for cloth diapers?

Which detergent is best for cloth diapers? And what types of diaper detergent are available in Canada?

Newly released, the RDIA (Real Diaper Industry Association) is offering an online search that helps you find the best cloth diaper detergent for your diapers.

Detergent Determinator

I love that this detergent search allows you to search for detergents available in Canada!. You can narrow down your search for the perfect detergent by choosing Standard or High Efficiency and powder or liquid.

Basically, you start by following the washing instructions I included in my last blog post or by checking with your diaper manufacturer to find out what deterent requirements are recommended for the diapers that you own. Enter the characteristics into the Determinator and get customized results.

We love anything that makes washing your diapers even easier.

Have you tried the Detergent Determinator? If so, give us your feedback and let us know if it worked for your search. We can help you locate specific brands if needed.

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Thirsties Diaper Wash


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are Cloth Diapers Hard to Wash? How to Wash Cloth Diapers

Are cloth diapers hard to wash?

Umm...... they don't have to be. Cloth diaper laundry can be quite easy to do. Diapers don't require extensive folding so for the most part cloth diaper laundry consists of tossing your baby's diapers in the machine and programming the wash you want.

To start with, and to keep it simple, here are some basic diaper washing steps.

1.)When your baby is ready for a diaper change, shake any loose solids off the diaper or use a diaper sprayer to rinse the diaper, and then toss the diaper into either a diaper pail with a lid or a wet bag. Note that if your baby is breastfed and hasn't started solid food, the baby poop will be water soluble and will rinse away in the wash does not need to be rinsed first.

2.) When it's laundry time, toss your diapers into the wash. Make that if you use pocket diapers, you take the insert out of the pocket before washing. If using pockets or covers with Aplix tabs, fold the tabs back so that your diapers with Velcro will not stick to each other during wash or gather laundry fluff in the wash.

3.) Do a cold wash with the recommend detergent amount to clean the diapers and prevent stains.

4.) Do a hot wash to cleanse the diapers.

5.) Do an extra rinse if required. Diapers should come out of the wash without any odour, including detergent odour.

6.) Line dry or machine dry.

See this link to the Real Diaper Industry Association's Cloth Diaper Washing Instructions for detergent recommendations.

Cloth diaper laundering begins when your new diapers first arrive in your home. As a general rule, it is recommended that most diapers be washed prior to use. Most diapers can just be washed and dried once and are ready to use. Exceptions to this rule include some diapers with a PUL outside and also prefolds. Diapers with PUL will sometimes work better after being dried on HOT once to 'seal' the PUL fabric on your diaper and keep that layer waterproof. Prefold diapers actually start off looking quite flat and thin and after a few washes will poof up and become more thick and absorbent. Prefolds often require 4 - 6 wash and dry cycles before they reach their full absorbency. You can start using the prefolds after just a few washes and then add more initial washes if required.

Should you wash all of your cloth diapers together or separate certain types of diapers? For the most part, different styles and brands of diapers can be washed together AFTER any special first washes have been done. Some types of prefold diapers and hemp products can release oil during the first few washes and should only be washed and dried with the same type of diaper for the first few washes. After that, it is generally safe to wash the diapers together. If you have a large quantity of diapers and are doing multiple loads of diaper laundry, go ahead and sort by diaper type at wash time. Wash all of the inserts in one load and the covers or pockets in another load.

The following info is direct from the washing instruction link that I posted above.

How Much Detergent?

When washing diapers,start by using 1/2 the detergent manufacturer's suggested amount. To determine the right amount, read the label and then carefully measure.

High Efficiency Considerations

Use an HE detergent. Set water levels to high to be sure that diapers are cleaned and rinsed properly. If the weight of the load determines the water level, put a wet towel in with diapers to increase the weight of the load.

Ingredients to Avoid

Natural soaps
Fabric Enhancers
Optical Brighteners

Will cloth diapers create extra work for you? Using cloth diapers will create a few extra loads of laundry per week but that doesn't mean it has to make your life harder. There are a few tricks and tips you can use to make cloth diaper laundry easier.

1.) Our first tips is to use a pail liner inside your diaper pail or a wet bag. It's not necessary, but diaper pails that do not have a cloth pail liner require frequent washing. We recommend having 2 pail liners or 2 wet bags so you always have a clean on on the go.

2.) Our second diapering tip for laundry is to take inserts of the diaper when putting them into your pail or wet bag versus taking the inserts out when you are washing the diapers. This means you can simple empty your pail liner or wet bag into the wash and then toss in the pail liner or wet bag into the wash too and program the load. The same thing goes for covers and pockets with Aplix. Fold the tabs back when you put the diaper into the pail or wet bag so you can skip this step at laundry time.

3.) Consider getting a diaper sprayer or using reusable cloth liners to make clean up easier.

Happy washing!

Further recommended reading:
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swim Diapers: Cloth versus Disposable in the Pool

When taking your little one swimming, you will have 2 choices for your swim diaper; a cloth swim diaper or a disposable swim diaper. You may be wondering which swim diaper is the best choice for you and your little swimmer.

When my now 5 year old was in diapers, I didn't have an official cloth swim diaper for her but instead I would use a Happy Heinys Pocket Diaper without an insert. The diaper was a great fit under my daughter's bathing suit, came in fun colours and patterns for swimming, and worked great. The reason you don't want to use an insert in the diaper is because you will end up absorbing a lot of water into the diaper and this will make the diaper heavier and bulkier. We would simply rinse the diaper afterward and then wash with the rest of our cloth diapers. We didn't experience any colour fading from chlorine but our swimming was sporadic. For anyone swimming on a regular basis, at least once a week, you might want to set aside one diaper for swim class that you aren't worried about the colour fading, just in case. Not long after using this brand for swimming, we discovered that Happy Heinys does in fact recommend their diapers for swimming. At the time, we used a sized pocket diaper but now with their one-size diapers you could have a 'swim diaper' that would last from birth through to potty training.

We carry two official swim diapers on our site now - Imse Vimse Swim Diapers and the Bummis Swimmi Swim Diaper. Swim Diapers are actually the number one viewed product on our website and generate a lot of interest. Both swim diapers are really trim and work under a bathing suit or as a bathing suit bottom. Both brands offer really cute prints for boys and girls. Even older toddlers won't resist putting on this swim diaper. My toddler enjoyed picking out her favourite colour and selecting her own swim diaper and it made vacation easier. Instead of having disposable swim diapers take up valuable luggage space, her swim diaper took up hardly any space and dried quickly between swims.

Now, you may be wondering what happens when your child pees in a swim diaper. Will a swim diaper contain your child's pee? Actually, no. Swim diapers, both cloth and disposable, are designed to contain baby/toddler bowel movements and not baby/toddler urine. Pools are chemically treated to deal with baby pee only. Chances are, you will be holding your baby or toddler outside of the pool and you will not want to be peed on. What we recommend is placing a towel on your lap just in case there are any accidents.Keep a regular diaper on your baby or toddler right until it's time to hit the pool and put a regular diaper back on as soon as you are done swimming. It is important when choosing any swim diaper that you have a snug fit so any messes will be contained. The tip is to have a snug fit but not to have any red marks on your babies legs as that will indicate that your fit is too snug.

Are cloth swim diapers allowed at pools and beaches? Overwhelming the answer is YES! Check with your pool or beach if you have any concerns but we have actually heard of more establishments disallowing disposable swim diapers than cloth diapers.

Hopefully this article answered any questions you may have had about swim diapers and next time you hit the pool your baby will be sporting a cute swim diaper. Please let us know if you have any questions at all. Happy swimming!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cloth Diapering Cartoon Video from The Natural Baby Company

It's been a little while since we've posted and I promise to blog more soon. In the mean, I have a cute cloth diapering cartoon movie to share from The Natural Baby Company. We have their products arriving soon! The Natural Baby Company at Cloth Diaper Mom.

Friday, September 4, 2009 - Coming Soon!

We all know that dads don't necessarily have the same views on diapers that moms do. When I was first looking into cloth diapering my baby-to-be, back in 2003, I'm sure my forays onto the internet in search of endless diaper info and brand searches and how-tos was completely lost on my spouse. Sure he would listen and nod as I tried to explain how cloth diapering would work for our baby and I'm sure he expressed some sticker shock over the price tag for just one diaper, but I know for a fact that he just didn't care as much as I did.

After our baby arrived, and many months went by, I finally placed our first diaper order. A few weeks and probably $80 later, 3 pocket diapers arrived in the mail. I'm sure the conversation went something like this.

Crazed diaper mom: LOOK how cute these are!!!
Not-so-crazed diaper dad: Ah hmm.
Crazed diaper mom: No really! Pink Hawaiian print. SOOOOO cute. Awwww. Do you like them?
Not-so-crazed diaper dad: Those are for *$%*'ing in, right?

At that point, I would have already been excitedly putting the diaper on our baby and he would have walked away.

Fast-forward a few months. People would come over and would notice that we used cloth diapers. The brightly coloured diapers happened to be sitting on a shelf in our living room. WHY did I keep diapers in our living room? It seemed to make sense at the time. Anyhow, people would ask the usual questions and I found my spouse starting to respond to the questions from side of Team Cloth. And at the time, we didn't know a single person who cloth diapered.

Him: 'Yeah, they really aren't that bad. I don't really change any diapers, (lie) but they aren't that bad.'

From then on, he was a cloth diaper convert. It really didn't take much. Little did he know I would eventually fill our entire living room, dining room, and even spare kitchen cupboards with cloth diapers for sale. It kind of took over.

Not every dad shows the same lack of care. At our cloth diapering workshops, we get many fathers-to-be who have done the same type of groundwork that us moms all do. The late night searches onto site after site that leave you wondering how on earth cloth diapers work and how much it is going to cost. They are on the same playing field as us moms.

However, for those fathers-to-be who show the same interest level as my spouse did, resources are on the way. is going to be a site where he will answer questions from other dads straight-up. No fluff. This site will also cater to Dad tastes with Dad approved diapers and accessories, and Dad-catered explainations of how each product works and why it's a good thing. I'm sure the site will also carry mostly diapers that are solid black, Ed Hardy design, pirate print, or something more sinister.

Guess how much enthusiasm he had when I told him I registed the domain for him and he could get to work on it? About the same enthusiasm level as he did over our first diaper order. At any rate, I'm exited about it.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Special for Our Blog Readers

I wanted to throw out an offer just for our blog readers. For one week, only our blog readers are welcome to the following savings at our website:

Spend $75 at - Get 1 pair of Babylegs 25% off - code BL25
Spend $150 at - Get 1 pair of Babylegs 50% off - code BL50
Spent $300 at - Get 1 pair of Babylegs FREE - code BL100

This offer is valid while quantities last.

Our updated contact info

Just in case some people still have our old contact info on record, here is the updated info.

Phone: 204.798.5292
Mailing Address: 103 - 1157 St. Anne's Rd, Winnipeg Manitoba R2N 0B8
Hours of Operation: Subject to change. Please see website for current info.


How to keep your cloth diapers residue free

I came across this article from and wanted to share. The article covers troubleshooting problems with cloth diaper users and lists residues as the single most important issue.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Winnipeg Diaper Service

I run into so many friends who do not have children yet but who say they want to cloth diaper one day. A large portion of them express interest in using a diaper service. The appeal of using cloth on your baby but not having to deal with the dirty diapers, even to those without children, is huge.

Winnipeg currently does not have a diaper service. I believe we used to have a service called Tender Touch on Henderson, although I was not familiar with them when I start cloth diapering my first daughter Keira back in 2004.

1 year ago, we first considered starting a local diaper service after hearing more about diaper services at a Real Diaper Industry Association meeting we attended. 1 year later, we are gearing up to offer the service to residents of Winnipeg. This is really exciting to me because I know this service will be valuable to many parents who have been waiting for a local diaper service.

Here are some of the details we have so far:

Program start date: Late September to early October 2009

Program name: Not Decided

Program cost: Approximately $22 - $23/weekly flat rate

Program details: Our diaper service will provide you with clean diapers one day a week. Our delivery will occur on the same day each week and we will pick up your dirty diapers and have them washed following the standards of the National Association of Diaper Services.

Coverage Area: Within the city limits of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Waitlist: We are now taking contact information from anyone wanting to join a wait list for this program. Please email for more details.

More details to be provided throughout September.


How Does A Diaper Service Work?

Although each diaper service may operate a little differently, here is a general idea of how the process works.

Diaper services are professional laundries, who rent reusable cotton diapers to families of infants, hospital nurseries, and day care centers. The diaper service delivers clean diapers, and picks up the soiled diapers on a weekly basis, and launders them, using professional equipment, and specially developed laundering formula. The service essentially rents you the use of the diapers your baby needs, sized for the baby's age. Diaper services also sell or rent diaper covers to make using cloth diapers as convenient as using single-use diapers. Diaper services launder diapers to rigorous public-health standards that you couldn't possibly match at home, with thirteen changes of water and high-temperature drying that eliminates bacteria.

The service supplies a special hamper, with a professional quality deodorant, and a heavyweight plastic bag/liner for the hamper. Services will also provide professional automatic-closure diaper covers, if the customer wishes.


Our first Contest!

Congratulations to Nicole K for winning our first Cloth Diaper Mom contest, which was open to residents of Canada. Nicole won a Stage 1 Drybees Gone Natural Bamboo diaper! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We plan to make contests a regular feature on our website. Good luck everyone who enters upcoming contests.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7th Annual ABC Kids Expo

What is on my mind lately? Vegas.

Last year we had the opportunity to attend the 6th Annual ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. This convention covers 2 huge floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center (the south hall, I think) and has everyone from Chicco, Peg Perago, Fisher Price, to tons of new start up companies. Think of every single children's product you can imagine and all of those companies are here in one place. Now imagine each company displaying all of their new and beautiful fabric and colour selections. The Kids Expo is full of style, and I think I still have images of crib bedding and wall art swirling in my head.

This show is only open to retailers and manufacturers and it gave us the chance to meet all of the wonderful people who we purchase our inventory from. After hundreds of emails and phone calls, it was wonderful to meet everyone in person. We were able to meet with Linda Byerline from Happy Heinys and her husband Tim, Betsy Thomas from Bummis, Heather from Knickernappies, Rosie from Imse Vimse, Tashi from Kissaluvs, and Jen from Cotton Babies. It is so nice to speak with each manufacturer in person and learn more about the products they carry. The main advantage of attending this expo for me was that I walked away feeling like I knew each product I carry more and it made me more confident in discussing each diaper with our local customers.

What else stood out in memory at the convention? The other cloth diaper retailers, for sure. I met a wonderful group of ladies (and a few of their husbands) who have online or brick and mortar cloth diaper stores across Canada and the United States. We already have a network online where we can ask each other questions and help our customers troubleshoot any issues they are having, but it was definitely nice to put a face to each name. I'm looking forward to seeing all of these ladies again this year.

Asides from a few days of walking the convention center floors and talking with manufacturers, we also attended a few meetings. Admittedly, we did miss one early morning meeting.... this is Vegas after all. Our last meeting was for Cloth Diaper retailers, Cloth Diaper manufacturers, and also those in the diaper service industry. We were unbelievably lucky enough to have the owner and publisher of Mothering Magazine, Peggy O'Mara speak at the meeting. I'll include a link to a great article on Cloth Diapering from Peggy at the end of this entry.

And so, I'm looking forward to going back to the ABC Kids Expo again in a few weeks. The retailers and manufacturers have put together a group called the RDIA. We are proud to be a charter member of this group. As someone without a background in business, I'm hoping that in addition to learning more about the products I support, that I will take in more about how to run a business and how to be profitable. For Canadian cloth diaper retailers especially, the mark up on diapers isn't that high once you take into account shipping, taxes, and fees. This is our 3rd year in business and we are constantly learning and expanding, but behind that comes 3 years of learning the hard way and yes, making mistakes. In the past, I didn't make a point to watch our bottom line and I often sold products at too low of a price, not factoring in my costs. Anytime we had shipping delays or problems, I also threw in many free products for our customers. I would rather charge fairly and be able to offer wonderful support than to price too low and not give my business the funds it needs run properly. We are getting there. (I'll probably discuss this more in an upcoming blog.)

Before I forget, here is my link from Peggy O'Mara.
A Tale of Two Diapers - A Quiet Place by Peggy O'Mara

Friday, March 27, 2009

We now offer Test Cloth Diaper packages

Last weekend, after catching up on shipping out orders, we finally had time to put together packages of cloth diapers that people in Winnipeg can 'rent' to try out different styles of diapers to see what they like best, or to see if cloth diapering is even something they would consider.

Testing cloth diapers first takes the risk out of cloth diapering. What risk is there? Generally the risk in low because you can sell off any brands that don't work well for your baby or exchange any unused and unwashed products, however testing diapers first lets you skip out on dealing long term with any products you don't like.

Our packages include an assortment of diapers and accessories from every line we carry. You'll find prefolds, a snappi, covers, reusable liners, flushable liners, fitteds, pocket diapers, one size diapers, all-in-one diapers, and even a wet bag to store the diapers in. We provide washing instructions from the manufacturers and here to help if you have any questions.