Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Diaper Pails, Pail Liners, and Wet Bags

After a few years of cloth diapering, I have fallen in love with using zippered wetbags for storing my daughters diapers until it's time to do the wash. We've replaced our stainless steel diaper pail, with regular pail liners, for Leslie's Boutique Hanging Diaper Pails. These designer wet bags have cotton on the outside, in gorgeous prints, and have a 2 mil PUL inner layer to prevent any wicking. You can hang them on a door knob, or on a hook in your laundry room.
We use the largest hanging pail size most often, but also alternate with the medium bags from the same brand for any outings. When you are ready to wash your diapers, you toss them in the wash and also put in the wet bag. We have been drying ours in the dryer and then are holding out great, but hang drying would probably extend the life of these products.
Since selling our house and downsizing to an apartment, these wetbags help us save on space. They are also great if you are traveling because you can have an instant diaper pail no matter where you go. Also, they are so gorgeous that no one would expect to find dirty diapers in them. Asides from diaper duty, we recommend grabbing a few of these bags for packing toiletries in your suitcase, or for carrying wet swim suits and wet towels.
Here are the prices in USD, since the CAD prices on our website fluctuate based on the strength of our dollar. We usually use Xe.com to convert between USD to CAD.
Swim: $13.99
Medium: $16.99
Large: $19.99
XL (Hanging pail 15 x 30): $24.99

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

$5 off puchase of $50

We have set up our cart to send all new account holders at Cloth Diaper Mom a Welcome coupon of $5, valid for any purchase over $50.

Not wanting everyone who already has an account to miss out on this offer, we have e-mailed all existing acounts holder the Welcome coupon.